Chris Carter Buyer Specialist

Father, A former 26-year-television newsman, these days I tell people I’m still in your living room, I’m just in person now. A 6th generation Californian, I split the family tree moving to Iowa 19 years ago and had two daughters. They’re the best people I know and my highest compliment is that if I were their same age , I’d want to be friends with them. I grew up in the 2nd largest city in America, then near arguably the most scenic mountain lake resort area in the country, then the wine country and finally wound up being surrounded by corn and soybeans....wouldn’t change any of it. God has a plan and occasionally clues me in about it.

A few of my favorites:
My daughters top every favorite list...our two cats fall right behind. Ethnic food (the more spicy/flavorful the better) music to chill by, great wine, great friends, big laughs. The sound of the ocean. Anything genuine. Motivated sellers and buyers!

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