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Grew up in small town in northern Iowa. As a teenager, learned the importance of hard work and serving others delivering newspapers, detasseling corn, and working in restaurants. After graduating high school, headed down the highway to attend the University of Northern Iowa. What a great decision! Four years later, with a marketing degree and many great memories, began a career path beginning with banking, then pharmaceutical sales, financial strategies, and home construction. Finally, pulling all the experiences together into real estate. Clearly, the Cedar Valley left quite an impression, as I never left the area. Family is very important to me, and my kids are my life’s greatest blessing. Many enjoyable hours are spent sitting on chairs, benches, and bleachers cheering on their various sports teams, enjoying concerts, or simply spending time together. Through their activities I have met many amazing people. Daily I receive reminders that I am not the one in the driver’s seat and need to rely on the Lord to take back the wheel! I enjoy helping people and I appreciate various types of homes. What a joy it is to bring the two together! My coworkers at Amy Wienands Real Estate are an amazing group and I truly love being a part of this team!

A few of my favorites:
My kids! Fishing with my son. Shopping with my daughter. Kick boxing. Sporting events, at any level. Remodeling. The sound of water lapping up the side of a boat. Salsa gardening. A favorite song on the radio. Going for walks. A great smoothie, each and every day.

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