Russ Davis Buyer Specialist

Husband of my fourth grade classmate, father of two daughters and one son and grandfather of five grandgirls. Born, raised and matured in the great state of "Ioway", I will probably never leave this black soil behind. I learned the value of and the return on hard work at an early age working along side my dad on our century, dairy farm in Clayton County. The fire that took my one-room, country school gave me the opportunity to meet my future wife, Jean, when I joined the fourth grade in McGregor. I earned my BA in accounting at Luther College in 1973, after which my bride of three years and I headed off to the huge city of Waterloo. After 30 years of providing accounting, consultation and administration services to medical practices and a local hospital, it was time for a new career. Taking six months off from "a real job" I did the finish work in the new addition we put on our country home. An advertisement for real estate pre-licensing classes jumped off the Waterloo Courier classified page. As I love work variety, appreciate construction and receive satisfaction from solving problems, I thought to myself "Why not?". The rest of the story is an highly enjoyable time helping solve the real estate issues of my clients in the Cedar Valley. I am very pleased and proud to join the Amy Wienands Real Estate Team.

A few of my favorites:
My gracious God, a loving and supporting wife, a great family, the smells of fresh, wood shavings and drying hay, the tug on a taut line disappearing into a swirling walleye hole, entering the last words into a crossword puzzle, opening a new Tom Clancy or John Grisham novel and the sound of a mother loon calling for chicks across a misty lake.

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